Company Profile

Company Profile

Our focus is on getting the job done on time, within budget, to the highest standards.

At Usha Enterprises we are passionate about achieving quality outcomes and delivering smart solutions to our client’s needs and challenges.
Our business has an outstanding track record of partnering with our clients to deliver results in all facets of engineering; from quoting and designing to Construction, Wooden, fabricating and painting. We take great pride in our work and are firmly committed to delivering impressive results for our clients every time.
Our commitment to clients, our competitive pricing, and our proven ability to think laterally places Usha Enterprises at the forefront of the engineering and Construction.


Plan Details

Create detail schedule and resources plan to meet client's project objective.

Clear Communicate

Communicate clearly with all project stakeholders.

Project Tracking

Track project progress and fine-tune deviations.

Quality of Work

Supervise closely on quality of work done.


Complete and commission the project on time.

We take pride in our delivery, thus our clients can always be assured that only the most experienced and qualified people are serving them, all the time.

The Team

Our Experts

Mrs. Usha Devi


Mr. Vijay Kumar

Managing Director

Mr. Sandeep Khanna


Mr. Nitin Kumar

Civil Engineer


This business is run by our three authorized, collectively they have accumulated over 7 years of work experience in the building industry. They are involved in the business development, procurement, project management and administration of the company. Usha Enterprises is a Proprietor Firm, which is owned by Usha Devi, this business was started in 2019, before our second firm Vijay Contractor which was started in 2015. Under the supervision of our two authorized businessmen Mr. Vijendra Kumar and Mr. Sandeep Khanna, the management team actively collects feedback, identifies changes in the business environment, reviews work processes and communicates key learning points to all employees in regular meetings and the company communicates the policy.


Our people are crucial in the delivery of our services and solution to our clients. In order to ensure that everyone is equipped with the right skill, knowledge and attitude, a comprehensive training Programe is put in place to constantly Upgrade our people in technical and management skills.
We believe firmly in providing the right training, accredited certification and Practical knowledge for our people, in order for them to execute their duties and responsibilities confidently. Our aim is to stay relevant to the ever-changing Market place and client’s requirement.

Trust and Worth

Our Clients